Donations Contribute to the cause!

Contribute to your scene!

Elements of Bass is an organization of producers, dj's, and mc's that pool their own resources to bring electronic music to the masses. We promote live events, broadcast a weekly radio show, and maintain an online community to expose new and existing fans to electronic dance music.

Donations are welcome, large and small. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. We accept cash donations via Paypal sent to the address We also accept records, dj equipment, music equipment, computer equipment, cd's, clothing, and event tickets to distribute within the community at live events or through promotional campaigns.

How your contribution helps.

Every bit of your donation helps fund the maintenance, upkeep, and expansion of our community and website, live events, and our weekly radio broadcast. No single person benefits from your contribution. 100% of your contribution goes directly back into the scene.

Why should I contribute?

Some people donate because of their love for the scene and others donate just because they can. Whatever your reason may be, it will be greatly appreciated.

How do I contribute?

Donating is quick and easy. Simply log in to your Paypal account and send your gift in dollars to the email address Please include your username/alias in the message area so we can show our respect.

Who currently contributes?

Each month, members of our crew donate money that we use for funding events and our community. We also contribute 100% of any profit ever made from any event planned by EOB back into our donation pool.

Are you a promoter or record label owner?

We have advertising space available for contributors. Please review the promotions page for more details regarding advertising and promotional campaigns.