History Elements of Bass past and future.

Our Past

Elements of Bass evolved from Midwest Drum and Bass, one of the internets largest drum and bass communities during the early 2000's. Elements of Bass started as a weekly broadcast in 2003 and has grown into a group of dj's, producers, and promoters. During the days of mw-dnb we hosted many raves and club night series with Blue Fortune, Urban Jazz Naturals, and other crews and groups around the St. Louis area. Midwest Drum and Bass would eventually go down and like a phoneix Elements of Bass rose from it's ashes.

As time passed, the crew decided it was time to resurrect the scene and get back into the game. Source Code and MC Precision founded Elements of Bass, and continued broadcasting live. DJ Nero soon entered the fray and leadership soon came to rest on the shoulders of Luxi, MC Precision, and Dj Nero. As time passed, the crew expanded to include SVS, Q-Trax, Blueprint, Birdhouse, Jinxx, Dj Wycon, Orbix, Focal, Audio Agent, and High Society. The Elements of Bass radio show continues to broadcast every Friday from 4pm to 6pm CST on DNBRadio.com.

We have planned, hosted, been invovled with, and promoted tons of shows in the state of Missouri. Involved in shows from St. Louis to Springfield and back to KC we look to push the EDM sound to new frontiers.

Our Future

Looking ahead, Elements of Bass is focusing on expanding into more genres of electronic music in an effort to continue building the EDM scene. Through social media and user interaction, we plan to continue promoting events, producing music and mix sets, and bringing new members into the fold to keep the scene alive for years to come. We're always looking for talented artists in the midwestern United States, too. You can find our contact information here.

Crew Members

Dj Nero

DJ Nero grew up the son of a preacher-man and a music teacher and started playing and studying the violin at the age of 3. In fifth grade he started playing the cello, and continued playing throughout high school as well as through his first year of college. Nero traded his cello in for turntables back in 2001 and have been djing ever since. The kinds and types of music he grew up listening to were varied and far-reaching. Nero remembers listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary at a young age as well as musical soundtracks (all on vinyl of course – which may have led to his later interest in records and lastly his all-encompassing hobby as a DJ). Playing mostly classical music from elementary through high school opened him up to listening and playing a multitude of classical music. For whatever reason Nero's pretty sure he was into Pop music in his youth, because it was on the radio and he couldn’t afford tapes and cds - so like everyone else Nero made his own mixes of favorite songs (who didn't). DJ Nero also listened to jazz, often on his local Saint Louis radio stations, which in turn led him onto the eclectic programming that local radio had to offer. During that stage he was also introduced to World music: reggae, latin beat, etc. Nero moved back to St. Louis in 2002 and started getting involved in the local dnb scene (Dedication Crew) and also with the Midwest Drum N Bass Crew, now, ELEMENTS OF BASS ...and the rest, as they say, is history.

MC Precision

Born and raised in St. Louis, MC Precision has surrounded himself with an varied assortment of musicians representing many different genres of music. He stayed steady with percussion classes through middle and high school, then moved on to hip-hop, and eventually found a home with drum and bass in 1997. MC Precision can be found hosting the internet radio show, 'Elements Of Bass,' every Friday on dnbradio.com, which has been broadcasting for seven years. Well known in the Midwest, Precision is known for his immense and varied vocabulary, nerdcore style phrases, and has been known to emcee over practically any beat that inspires him. Up to date, he has worked with producers and djs such as Dj Nero, Source Code, 2simple, Dustin E, Q-Trax, B-Sizzle, Stingray, Sinistar, and numerous other St. Louis djs. MC Precision and Dj Nero have opened for many talented acts across the Midwest, such as Djs Craze, Dieselboy, Gein, Evol Intent, Danny The Wildchild, AK1200, Spor, Raga Scum, Calculan, Robot Death Squad, Subsonic, and Dj K9.


Malware was formed by Luxi, High Society, and Rocksteady in 2009 as one of St. Louis first dubstep groups. They have produced loads of dubstep cuts and mixes. They look to be serious contenders in the release game during 2011.


A lifetime resident of St. Louis, Luxi has been producing and dj'ing electronic music since the 90's. His interest and passion in EDM has only strengthed through time. As an avid software engineer and audio producer Luxi has created many twisting and turning unique sounds over the years.


Based in the United States, Blueprint began djing in 2003 and eventually crossed over to production two years later. Primarily using Ableton Live alongside a handful of vst's, he began pushing out beats that reflect the deeper side of drum and bass. You can catch him live in the mix on www.dnbradio.com every week from 10-Midnight (CST). For booking, send a message to http://myspace.com/blueprintdj.


Birdhouse grew up in Calverton Park, MO. and eventually moved to the Florrisant area when he was 14. He met Source Code and High Society when he was 15 or 16. He was eventually introduced to MC Precision, DJ Nero, Jinxx, Q-Trax, and the rest of the E.O.B. members between the ages of 19 and 24. His love for Dj'ing and producing started back in 1999 when he began spending time with Source Code, soon after he acquired a set of Gemini belt drives, which sat on the dresser. It all started with Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys records. After some raving and clubbing, it evolved into a hobby, so he and Source Code split the cost and purchased a pair of Technic's. He then began spinning, house, techno, some tr4nc3, and moved on to DnB and dubstep. He has been a member of Elements of Bass for most of its existence, when Elements of Bass was known as the Union crew, circa 2000 to 2002. He's done numerous live broadcasts and shows in K.C., IL., Columbia, Springfield, and St. Louis, MO.

High Society

Born and raised in Florissant, a suburb just north of St. Louis, High Society spins and produces dubstep. He is also a member of Malware, which he co-founded with Luxi back in 2009, in an effort to elevate the St. Louis dubstep sound to international notoriety. Even though he is the newest member of the crew, he has supported the organization and been a fan of electronic music for quite sometime, and has been friends with Birdhouse and Source Code since middle school. When he's not DJ'ing or producing, he enjoys listening to music, reading, standing over a BBQ pit, movies, and the occasional first-person shooter.

Ragga Scum/SVS

As one of the early Midwest producers/djs of ragga and jungle, Ragga Scum has topped cities all around North America, following suit behind ground breakers such as RCola and Twinhooker. Some of his recent production, including 'Another Champion' (Hum Fi Drum 006), has become staples to world ranking djs around the globe. With label support from Warlord, Congo Natty, JungleX, Dubpride, Clashplate, Dub Chamber, and Hum Fi Drum; the Kansas City phenomenon is only bound to spread. Further support is provided by the Konkrete Jungle Fam worldwide, Knowledge Mag, Methods NYC, EOB, and the bad boys of M.I.A. (Murda in America). Ragga Scum is currently working on new projects with Shitmat, Twinhooker, Direct Feed, Igit, and a few others. His latest tune 'Dub Assassin' is set to release on Dubpride 005 this summer along with a new JungleX EP. Also loaded to drop this year are his releases on Warlord, Dub Chamber, Celestial Conspiracy, Mos-Hi, and more. You can alo find Ragga Scum in Ontario, Canada as a headlining resident for FML Fridays with Capital J, RCola, and Krinjah, as well as his new mixes coming to you exclusively on Congo Natty and Nu Urban.


In 1994 Jinxx McCloud began trying to build skills to play a part in the universal need to bring originality to music. Primarily focused on Real Hip Hop as a DJ/MC in the early days Jinxx would call on Jim K's eminence knowledge of electronic music at Deep Grooves, a record store in the 90's in the St Louis Loop. These suggestions and the underground party scene greatly expanded the horizons into Jungle and Drum & Bass. In '99 Jinxx was introduced to MC Precision through a mutual friend. The pair greatly desired expanding into original music in the St Louis scene and soon began working together along with Rex One, recently relocated from New Jersey, to create the group Elevated Mindstate(EMS) focusing on original tunes soaked in underground flava. Since the yesteryear's Jinxx has released a Real Hip Hop/Experimental full length original LP titled "En Tia Sing"(2008) which certainly would not have been possible in its depth without the featuring of many of the members of Elements of Bass. Since then Jinxx has been focused on DJing and Production of Dubstep, Drum and Bass and will always have roots in Real Hip Hop. As a DJ/MC/Producer/Songwriter Jinxx McCloud has always stood for the Independence of sound and the desires found by seeking the rewards forever-held in the fertility of musical expression.

Dj Wycon

DJ Wycon, represents one half of the dynamic duo The Dark Knights that is Konkrete Jungle Springfield, MO. As a promoter, Wycon has brought us several of the top names in the D&B circuit, opening a new door for the Springfield scene as more great talent is delivered through his constant determination and dedication to Konkrete Jungle. As a DJ, he has over nine years experience behind the decks, experience he has used to mold his own bangin' aggressive hard-style of D&B. This rutheless flavor of bass crushing beats has been heard at countless venues around the Midwest area. He has released several mixes along side of EoB, the most recent titled, "Earth Mix", is 1/4 of a cumulative release. His sets are energy packed and guaranteed to satisfy every D&B Head's craving for that raw, explosive sound.


Juan was born and raised in STL and recently moved to KC. Growing up in a home with a piano teacher for a mother, Juan was classically trained and gained an appreciation for all kinds of music at a young age. After stumbling across a few mixtapes in the late 90's, he started spinning soon after. After getting a handle of the decks, he moved into producing and quickly joined the niche of hip hop inspired DNB producers.

Audio Agent

Both born and raised in St. Louis, Audio Agent (Morgan Whittaker) became influenced by his parents' interest in fusion jazz, funk, and soul at a very young age, listening to artists such as Bob James, George Benson, Weather Report and Earth Wind & Fire. In his sophmore year of high school, Morgan bought Mark Farina's "San Francisco Sessions Vol.1" and almost immediately became inspired to enter the electronic music scene as a DJ, not to become a celebrity, but to connect with others through sound. During this time period, Morgan also began to dabble in producing tunes, using generic applications such "MTV Music Generator", which was developed for Sony Playstation. In 2002, he bought his first pair of turntables and began to hone his mixing abilities under the alias "DJ Nightshade" concentrating primarily on funky House. However, in 2003, Morgan decided to change his alias to "Audio Agent" and began to build up a collection of Drum&Bass records, starting with harder, edgier tunes and quickly switching to jazzier styles. By 2005, Morgan had joined "Momentum Crew" alongside Blueprint (Jay Ghandi), Focal (Juan Narvaez) and BDR (Rob Dickmeyer). Over the next few years Audio Agent remained on the scene, eventually joining Elements of Bass in 2010 and expanding his horizons to more experimental tunes while beginning to produce his own music.


Born and raised in St.Louis,MO, Eric Littles has been in the local music scene since the early '90s. Meeting Randy Marshall (MC Precision) during that time, the two fused a brotherhood based on creating music. Being exposed to drum and bass, Eric tried his hand at dj'ing, therefore the name Orbix was created. A few years later Orbix resurfaces with a crew of lyrical masterminds known as ALFA which ultimately transformed in to what is now know as Royal Illete. Since 2001 this crew has been at the forefront and behind the shadows of the local music scene. Also in this time frame, Orbix has contributed his lyrical skills to many local drum and bass crews such as Dedication, Faded, and of course, Elements Of Bass as well as guest spots on many national DJ's sets such as Gein, Robyn Chaos, Klute, and Sinistar as well as recording and appearing on numerous tracks with his hiphop crew Royal Illete Productions LLC. In 2009 Orbix was inducted into the EOB fold(much to his suprise) and since then has MC'd alongside MC Precision on their weekly radio show. 2010 showed much more evolution from Orbix, changing his monniker to 0rb1 and the releasing of Royal Illete Productions first group The Grea Tones and their debut album "Si Vis Pacem Parabellum" as well as an upcoming solo release in 2011. You can check out the Grea Tones album at iTunes.com

Discography/Tracks at a glance
1. Taking Under The Overground-Royal Illete- 2004
2. King's English-Royal Illete- 2005
3. The Concept-Individual 11- 2007-(unreleased)
4. Royal Oak(track)-Royal Illete- SplitFace Presents: Face In The Crowd-2009
5. Shaken Not Stirred (track)-Feat. MC Precision-2008 (unreleased)
6. Si VIs Pacem Parabellum- The Grea Tones-2010
7. Music For Grown Folks